New face at Aqua-Marina in 2019

Platinum PADI Course Director Tenerife

Many of our regular guests tell us that one of the things the appreciate is how our core team has been the same for so many years. Even most of the ‘new’ staff have been here for a few years already! That said, a bit of change is always welcome. We are pleased to announce that one of Tenerife’s 2 resident PADI Platinum Course Directors – Mike – has come to join the team.

Where it all began…

Upon first learning to dive in 1991, diving quickly became Mike’s lifelong passion. He travelled and dived in various locations over the years, before deciding that diving was a dream worth pursuing. In 2004 he qualified as a PADI Instructor and a technical diver. Since then he has worked in a variety of dive destinations as an instructor and a dive centre manager.

Teaching ultimately proved to be his main passion; and so he worked hard to earn PADI’s highest distinction as a Course Director. This qualifies him to teach the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC), as well as a host of other Instructor-level qualifications.

padi platinum course director tenerife

Further training for everybody!

When not teaching our four annual IDC’s, Mike will be providing all manner of further professional training to any and all who are interested. Extra courses available will be Instructor training in Technical diving, full-face mask, side-mount and gas-blending to name but a few.

Tecline Canarias

Mike is also the Canary Island’s distributor for Tecline – a well known dive equipment manufacturer which has been gaining significant popularity over the past few years. As well as providing a much greater range of products in our shop, we are pleased to announce that Aqua-Marina will become a test facility for Tecline products, meaning that our guests will be given the opportunity to try out the latest stock!