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The water around the Canaries is warmed by the Gulf Stream flowing down from the north.  Temperature ranges from 19⁰C in February and March through to 24⁰C in September and October.  We have rental wetsuits with 5mm and 7mm thickness, and for those who really feel the cold when diving – we have shorties which can be worn in combination with these. For guests bringing their own suits, we recommend 5mm suits towards the end of summer, and 7mm or semi-dry suits throughout the rest of the year.


The waters of the Canary Islands produce relatively little plankton (which reduces underwater visibility) making them some of the clearest waters in the world, with visibility often exceeding 30 metres. Spring is the only time when the visibility diminishes a little, as this is when vegetable plankton (phytoplankton) flourishes.

Currents and Tides

Currents are sometimes encountered on our dives, although they are rarely particularly strong.

The currents which affect our dives sites are long-shore currents – currents which run parallel to the coast.  The direction depends on the tide cycle meaning that it changes depending on whether the tide is rising or falling. Currents are often experienced when diving close to headlands, drop-offs or sea-mounts, but they are usually fairly weak and non-existent at slack tides. Our tides are oceanic, with two high and two low tides each day.  The maximum tidal range is 2.7 metres, experienced during the spring and neap tides of February and September.

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Local Marine Wildlife

Green turtles

(Chelonia mydas)

This is the most common of the 5 different species of turtle which frequent the waters around Tenerife.  Green turtles can grow to over 1 metre in length and can weigh up to 200 Kg.

Angel Shark

(Squatina squatina)

The shark we see most often when diving; the Angel shark is an ambush predator, lying motionless half-buried in the sand waiting for prey to swim close enough for a sneak attack.

Globally this is a species under significant threat, but luckily here in Tenerife the population is such that sightings are quite common – primarily during the winter months.

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Bull rays

(Pteromylaeus bovines)

At first glance this stingray looks very similar to an Eagle ray, although it can grow to over 150 cm across, and has tiger-like marking across its back.

It is usually spotted swimming a few metres above the sand.

cuttle fish diving tenerife


(Sepia officinalis)

We are lucky that these fascinating creatures are abundant in our waters.

Like their cousin – the octopus – cuttlefish are masters of disguise, able to change their colour and texture immediately to match their surroundings.

Tenerife Diving Sites

Boat Diving

Our boat is moored in Los Cristianos harbour, only around 5 minutes from the dive centre.  This proximity means shorter journey times to dive sites than is common on the island.  The vast majority of the time we dive from our boat, and have a wide selection of incredible dive sites which we can access this way.  We always return to land after each dive, so it is no problem to make only one dive if you wish.

Shore Diving

As mentioned before, the majority of the time we use our boat for all diving activities – however, occasionally we do plan a day of shore diving in order to access a wider variety of dive sites, and to provide a slight variation for those who have seen all the regular spots before!

Please note that due to the distances involved, when shore diving we always make two dives without returning to the dive centre in between – therefore if you wish to see these sites then you will be committing to making two dives.

Start: 09:00 / Finish: 15:00 +/-

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Tenerife Diving with Aqua-Marina

We have a selection of dive sites of differing depths and difficulty levels – something to suit everybody.   Due to the volcanic formation of the island there are many striking geological features to enjoy, from towering columns of basalt rock (think: Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway) to caves and swim-throughs formed by rapidly cooling lava or pockets of gas.

Other areas provide sheltered sandy bottoms in which we may enjoy diving with turtles, giant stingrays and Angel Sharks – a species which is globally under significant threat but which we are lucky enough to see frequently in our waters.  You can read more about the resident marine life here.

We go diving twice a day.  During the summer we open 7 days a week, while during the low season we close on Sundays.  We always have the option of a third dive in the afternoon or a night diving excursion if people want to do them.

Our dive boat is a 7.5 metre RIB, permanently based in the marina at Los Cristianos.  We board and disembark the boat at the popular beach of Playa las Vistas right next to the chiringuito (beach-bar) Atlantico. This chiringuito provides the perfect place to relax and enjoy a coffee during the surface interval between dives.

Occasionally we make shore dives along the coast allowing us to access dive sites out of the range of our boats, such as the beautiful wreck in Tabaiba, near Santa Cruz.

Come and dive with us to see what Tenerife diving is really all about!

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Our Daily Schedule

We divide the day into three sections. The start times are 09:00, 11:15 and 13:30. For certified divers, guided boat dives are
guaranteed during the first two sections. You can choose to join either or both of them. A third boat dive is dependent on there being a minimum of two divers. Often the third section of the day is reserved for Discover Scuba Diving (beginner programs) and snorkelling tours.

We meet at our dive center at the appointed time; we prepare our equipment and have a dive briefing. You will be given a large-volume personal dry bag in which you can place your towel and a change of clothes for after the dive.

When everyone is ready we get into one of our vehicles for the short drive to the beach where we board our boat. Most dive sites are within approximately 15 minutes boat ride from the beach.

Dive times are 45 minutes (air supply permitting). After each dive the boat returns to the beach. If you are making another dive then you will refresh your tank and enjoy a leisurely surface interval at the chiringuito (beach bar). After your final dive you will be provided with your towel and dry clothes in order to change out of the wetsuit before returning to the dive centre.

Back at the dive center we wash the equipment, have a nice warm shower and fill out log books.  Complementary tea and coffee are available at the dive centre alongside a range of cold drinks priced at €1 each.

From start to finish each section lasts approximately 3 hours. If you are with us for only the first section you will be finished by around 12:00; the second section is finished by around 2:30 and the third is finished at between 16:00 and 16:30

daily schedule

Pick-up and drop-off

We can guarantee a pick up from your accommodation before the first dive. If you are joining us later in the day then the possibility of a pick-up is dependent on us having staff available at an appropriate time and cannot be guaranteed.

The drop-off service after diving is much the same: we can guarantee to take you back to your hotel at 17:00 when we close, but will only be able to take you back sooner than that if we have staff available at the time. Usually this is possible after the second dive, but not always.

Diving for Groups

If you are part of a dive club or are trying to organise a trip for a group of friends, or even a large family then you cannot do much better than Tenerife! Not only is the diving fantastic, but there is so much to do on land that you’ll never want for entertainment, bars and restaurants in the evenings. Furthermore, any non-divers in the group can keep themselves busy with an almost endless list of activities and tours which are available around the island while you are out diving!

We love to accommodate groups – always so much fun to have around.  We will provide you with free transfers to and from the dive centre each day and will create a special schedule for your dives so that you get to see a good cross-section of the dive sites available.  Generally we even lay on extra boat trips while we have groups diving with us so that the group can have their own boat and not have to mix with other divers who we have out with us that week.  At the end of the day of diving we bring you back to the dive centre where you can sun yourselves whilst enjoying a beer (or a soft drink) and filling out your log-books.

We offer very attractive rates for groups – details below – but we can do more than just take you diving… We can organise your accommodation for you as well as tickets for the extensive range of excursions, activities, tours and nights out so you have something different to do during any non-diving days; or something to appeal to non-diving friends and family members in the group.

Total Dives
Price Per Dive
50 - 74
€ 26
75 - 99
€ 24
100 +
€ 22

We are always happy to accommodate groups for diving trips, and offer very competitive rates making us the first choice for your dive club! The prices are based on the total number of dives made by the entire group.

We also offer a 33% discount on dive kit rental to dive groups.

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