Diving in Tenerife

Tenerife Dive Photos from our guests

Tenerife Dive Photos, shared with us from happy Aqua-Marina diver Stephen Hardwick.

Following his recent diving holiday in Tenerife, where Stephen chose Aqua-Marina to show him the best local spots, he decided to share with us a selection of fantastic dive photos which he took while exploring underwater.

If you have taken any photos or videos whilst diving in Tenerife with Aqua-Marina we would love to see them! We are always happy when our guests are excited about their dives – and we are frequently very surprised by just how good some of the photos they take are.

We want everyone to know how nice the diving is here in Tenerife; and we need your help to show to the world all of the wonderful creatures which we encounter in the warm, clear Atlantic waters around the coast of our little island.

If you have taken any nice shots which you are happy to share with us then you can do so directly after the dive by lending us your SD card, or you can upload to a site like OneDrive and share the link with us.  Alternatively, WeTransfer.com is a great way to share multiple photos/videos/files. You can send up to 2GB in one message for free, and you can do this as many times as you like!

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