Special Occasions

Happy Birthday to Sonny

What a special dive we had today – Today is Sonny’s 11th Birthday, and to celebrate his Mum Nicola bought him to Aqua-Marina to try diving!

After preparing all of their equipment and learning how it works, the two of them had a safety briefing from their PADI Instructor before being led on a dive around the breakwater at Playa las Vistas in Los Cristianos.

The dive went really well, and both of them took to it with remarkable ease! They learned some basic SCUBA skills, so that they felt comfortable using their equipment and fixing minor problems which could arise during a dive; such as how to clear water from the mask and how to recover the regulator should it be removed from their mouths.

They made a 45 minute dive and saqw absolutely loads of fish! They can’t wait to get back in the water for more next time they are in Tenerife!

Artificial Reefs

Man-made structures (jetties, shipwrecks and breakwaters, for example) which are left/lost underwater are referred to as ‘artificial’ reefs; since just like a natural reef, they provide shelter and food sources for a multitude of marine life.  It is never long before fish and other underwater critters begin to make such structures their home.

Playa las Vistas is beautiful, long white-sand beach located in the heart of the resort area in Tenerife’s south-west coast. On either sideof the bay there are large breakwaters which were placed there to create a safe and enjoyable bathing environment even when the conditions out to sea are more rough.  These breakwaters are simply piles of rocks and concrete blocks, but they are very stable and fulfill their purpose perfectly. These breakwaters have been in the water for several decades already and in this time they have become a refuge for absolutely loads of life!

This is a spectacular way to try diving for the first time since the bottom is shallow; the conditions are almost always exceptionally calm; the water is warm and clear and there is so much to see!

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