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Do you love diving? Do you want to be able to share your passion with other like-minded people? Becoming a PADI Divemaster opens the door to a new life of adventure and excitement; challenges and rewards.

The PADI Divemaster course is the first level of professional diver training and a qualified Divemaster will become a member of PADI – the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

PADI is the largest diver training agency in the world and a PADI Divemaster enjoys recognition of their superior knowledge and skills among the diving community.

Whether you intend to travel the world in search of the world’s best diving spots or simply help out around your local dive shop, the PADI Divemaster training is the place to start.

PADI Professional Training options

There are several reasons why someone may want to become a PADI Divemaster: Some intend a change of career, whilst others simply want to challenge themselves and earn the title. For this reason we offer Divemaster training as either part of an internship program or as an intensive course.

Divemaster Training – Intensive Course

The Intensive course can be completed in around 10 days. This option is ideal for anyone who is short on time, or for those wishing to become a Divemaster simply to challenge themselves, learn more about their favourite sport and earn some recognition for this along the way.

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Divemaster Internship

For those wishing to change their lives and step into the exciting world of the diving professional, then we strongly recommend starting your career with a Divemaster internship.

To become a PADI Divemaster involves independent study, time spent with your instructor and time spent in the water with dive customers. If you intend to work in the diving industry then there is tremendous value in hands-on experience with real diving clients. The best time to learn how to handle your future clients is while you are not yet responsible for their safety and enjoyment.

This is the value of becoming a Divemaster through an internship programme such as ours.

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Instructor Development Course (IDC)

Already a Divemaster? Want to take it further?

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Why Aqua-Marina?

As a one of the busiest, most dynamic dive centres in the Canary Islands we can offer you the best preparation possible for a career in the diving industry.  Our team of experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic PADI Instructors each have unique skills which can enhance your training and your understanding of what it really takes to be a PADI professional.

Many dive centres in the area predominately focus on ‘try-dives’, whilst a few others only cater to delivering professional courses.  The pitfalls of each are the same – the lack of variety in course (internship) content and customer interaction.

Aqua-Marina is primarily geared up for divers.  We make two or three boat dives a day – every day – exploring the best dive sites of the South of Tenerife, which will provide you with plenty of experience guiding divers of varying abilities under a range of different conditions.  We also focus on providing high-quality service, thereby setting the highest examples for professionalism in the diving industry.

We provide the complete range of PADI courses from Discover Scuba through to Instructor level, and more often than not we have one type of course running every day! This means that during your training with us you will have the opportunity to assist on a wide variety of courses, being able to learn different techniques from all of our instructors, whilst simultaneously refreshing your own skills in each of course areas.