About Aqua-Marina Diving Tenerife

Our Goal:

We aim to be the industry leaders in terms of service provision, professionalism, customer relations and safety; demonstrating the best of what diving in Tenerife has to offer

Our Philosophy:

We are in the business of providing fun and excitement through adventure, exploration and personal development

Our highly experienced dive team provides personalised service in small groups

Your safety is always our primary concern – we do not cut corners to cut costs

We promote responsible behaviour underwater; with a strict no-touching, no-feeding policy

We listen to you. Not happy with something we do?  Tell us and we’ll fix it.
There is always room for improvement and we value your feedback

Diving in Tenerife

Meet the Team

Why choose Aqua-Marina for diving in Tenerife?

We know that when you are on holiday, your time is precious and you must be selective when deciding how to spend it.

We consider it an honour that you should choose to spend any of it with us!


Every time we go diving, the safety of all on board is of paramount importance.

Small dive groups not only provide more personalised service, but allow our dive team maximum control to ensure that any problems which arise are addressed before they escalate.

There are always emergency oxygen, first aid supplies and surface support present when we are diving.

All equipment is serviced and maintained well within limits dictated by the industry and local law.


Collectively our dive staff have more than 50 years experience working in the diving industry and speak 5 European languages.

They are qualified to teach more than 15 PADI specialties, as well as holding professional qualifications in Technical diving, First-Aid provision and boat handling.

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Our Facilities

Our Dive Boat

Our dive boat is a 7.5 metre Capelli RIB (Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat); specifically adapted for divers with equipment stowage and an easy-to-climb ladder; powered by a 250HP Sazuki engine and with a capacity for 14 people.

The boat is permanently moored in the marina at Los Cristianos which is the closest marina to the dive centre and allows us to quickly and easily access the best dive sites around the Southern tip of the Tenerife as well as up the West coast as far as Playa Paraiso.

We board our boat from Playa Las Vistas, a beautiful white-sand beach which is very popular with sun-seekers.  For non-diving friends and family this is a lovely spot to rest and sunbathe for a few hours while waiting for you to return from your dives, and from here there is quick and convenient access to the many shops, cafes and restaurants in Los Cristianos.

Between dives we return to the beach to enjoy a leisurely surface interval at the Chiringuito (beach bar) where we can take a coffee and small snack whilst we recharge our batteries for the next dive.

Spacious and Well-Equipped Dive Centre

Our new dive centre is incredibly spacious, boasting plenty of room for storing our huge amounts of rental equipment as well as large quantities of kit left in storage by returning guests.  We have a fully equipped workshop for maintaining all of this equipment.

For after the dive there are two hot showers with individual private changing areas.

There is a kitchenette which provides us with complimentary Tea and Coffee making facilities, fresh drinking water on tap and a range of cold drinks available for €1 per item.

There is a large outdoor seating area focused around the whiteboards which we use for dive briefings.  Our ample kit-washing and drying facilities are kept outside, but are on wheels so we are able to simply roll them inside whenever the dive centre is unattended.

For the comfort of our guests we have three toilets.

On-Site Swimming Pool for Diver Training

In partnership with our hosts, the Hotel Oro Blanco, we have access to their large swimming pool which we can use for our dive training.

This allows the perfect conditions for confined water dive training which are never affected by the weather (as a training site at a beach would be).

The best aspect of this is the fact that the pool is less than 10 metres from the dive centre, so there is no travelling –  no waiting around – no fuss.

Our State of the Art Tank-Filling Facility

We have two Bauer compressors; one Air compressor and one Membrane Nitrox compressor.

These compressors both feed directly into a separate tank filling room. This steel lined filling room is our unique response to local regulations which require tanks to be filled in a protected environment to minimise damage or injury in the unlikely event of an incident whilst filling.

Whilst filling 4 cylinders at a time from our Nitrox compressor, our 320-litre, 300-bar air bank allows us to simultaneously fill up to 8 air cylinders in moments.  This means that diving activities are never held up while we wait for cylinders to fill.

Our 80 litre Oxygen bottle and booster pump allows us to create any Nitrox mix for decompression gas or provide pure O2 for Rebreather divers.


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About Tenerife

Tenerife Island


The Canaries typically have a sunny and stable climate.  The average annual temperature is 25⁰C, with only a slight seasonal variation.

The climate often varies significantly from one part of the island to another, for example the north of Tenerife receives much higher rainfall – making it much more lush, but also much more humid and overcast than the south.

Altitude also plays its part – Tenerife´s Mount Teide reaches an elevation of over 3,000 metres and during the winter months it commonly receives a blanket of snow, which makes a striking contrast to the sunshine and warmth experienced in the coastal areas.

Mount Teide

Mount Teide is the dominant mountain in the centre of Tenerife.  At 3,718 metres above sea-level it is the highest point of Spain, as well as being the highest island in the Atlantic Ocean and the tenth highest island in the world

When measured from its sub-aquatic base, Mount Teide measures a staggering 7,500 metres which makes it the third largest volcano on the planet

It is possible to drive right up into the Teide National Park, which encompasses the mountain and is largely populated with dense Pine forest.  Near the peak you enter into an old caldera, which is filled with volcanic gravel and whose alien landscape has been the set for a numerous Hollywood movies through the years.  The final peak can be climbed on foot or using a cable car.  On a clear day it is possible to see many of the other islands in the archipelago, seemingly floating in the sky


The south of Tenerife has been a popular tourist destination for European travellers for a number of decades.  This means that there are plenty of things to do for people of all ages and interests – the resort areas are very family friendly

Over recent years we have witnessed a growing trend in outdoor adventure sports such as Scuba diving, hiking, rock-climbing, paragliding, and cycling – the primary draw being the combination of impressive mountains and valleys, perfect climate and numerous areas of outstanding natural beauty

Things to see and do